Out with the old,

in with the new–hot days, long hikes, and Sage pulling out her pocket knife to steal some sunflowers from the side of the road. It’s funny, for most, starting new is traditionally an idea cautiously approached on January 1st, promptly forgotten a few months later. I’m not sure why, but my ‘new years’ and all … More Out with the old,

“Unreal” Tragedies Becoming a Tired Commonality

  https://www.cbsnews.com/videos/what-happens-when-the-unthinkable-seems-to-happen-every-day/ Mass shootings are an epidemic in our Nation, and more often than not, the outlier on the chart is when we go a month or two without gun violence. We seem to have become numb to these tragic events. Why is that? It seems likely that it is due to a phenomenon discovered … More “Unreal” Tragedies Becoming a Tired Commonality

Dove Choose Beautiful

In the ad entitled “Dove Choose Beautiful: Women all over the world make a choice,” we see two doors set up in cities around the world, one door saying “beautiful” and the other saying “average.” Naturally, the clip ends positively, encouraging women of all ages to acknowledge and embrace their uniqueness and individuality, and recognize … More Dove Choose Beautiful

Friday Mornings

We made it! Finally finished finals, and headed to the airport in the morning. Bryce and I wanted to celebrate, so we had a decadent breakfast–the juiciest grapefruit loaded with spoonfuls of sugar, pancakes packed with sweet, crisp blueberries, chocolate milk and of course, roses. Macy joined in too, although she just sat by us … More Friday Mornings