Out with the old,

in with the new–hot days, long hikes, and Sage pulling out her pocket knife to steal some sunflowers from the side of the road.

What a dime-piece right?

It’s funny, for most, starting new is traditionally an idea cautiously approached on January 1st, promptly forgotten a few months later. I’m not sure why, but my ‘new years’ and all the resolutions and reminiscing that comes with the start of the year tends to happen more around September 1st–the first day of school.

This last year wasn’t the easiest, but it certainly taught me lots about resilience, faith, and most importantly, loving myself and taking care of myself.


This last year wasn’t the easiest, but it certainly taught me lots about resilience, faith, and most importantly, loving myself and taking care of myself.

Getting my appendix out taught me that there is definitely such thing as too much jell-o. Working in Disney taught me that kids aren’t the cutest thing ever, in fact, they’re pretty far from it. Breaking up with my boyfriend taught me that I don’t need a boy to be happy, and moving in with my best friend taught me that I giggle way too much.

So that being said, here are a few pieces of advice I’ve collected from friends, family, and my own (often embarrassing) experiences.

  1. Love yourself. It’s not easy, especially when everyone around you seems taller, skinnier, happier; but be gentle with yourself. You are beautiful and unique, and the sooner you learn that, the happier you’ll be. Once I stopped comparing myself to every girl that walked by, I realized all the genuine, important qualities I have to offer.
  2. Wake up early. This life is so short, and there are only so many opportunities to go get pancakes with your friends, to go on a run in the crisp morning air before the sun’s broken through the dew, to watch the sun rise on top of a car in an airport parking lot, to hike to beautiful places.
  3. Prioritize. Watching The Office with your best friend is more important than that boy you think is cute. Birthday cake is always the better breakfast option.
  4. Write letters. I’ve been writing my friends and family for a while now, and I can’t even begin to emphasize how much of a blessing having those physical notes is whenever life gets rough.
  5. Be genuine. Life is too short to worry about how people perceive you. The people who matter won’t care that you’re a spaz, that you’re scared of horror movies, that you have freckles all over your face in the middle of summer. Embrace all those imperfections, I’ve found that those are what make each and every one of us a little more beautiful.
  6. Last but not least, choose happy.



2 thoughts on “Out with the old,

  1. Ciao Bella! thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I’m very proud of your stylish, fresh, and engaging writing. Your eloquence in expressing your thoughts shines through. Love U!


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