Wednesday Morning Thoughts

When you start to feel

like things should have

been better this year,

remember the mountains and valleys

that got you here.

They are not accidents

and those moments weren’t in vain.

You are not the same

You have grown and you are growing

you are breathing, you are living.

You are wrapped in




And things will get better.

There is more to you than yesterday.

-Morgan Harper Nichols

A little while ago, one of my closest friends got up at testimony meeting and proceeded to share something that really resonated with me. She talked about trials, but not in a way I’d really ever heard them described before. She asked us to picture the last time we went swimming in the ocean before a storm, and I knew instantly what she was getting at.

I conjured up images of rough waters, crashing waves, and then pictured that deep frustration that builds up as wave after wave comes crashing over your head. That twinge of fear that starts to creep in as you begin to get tired of having to pick yourself up over and over again, as you start breathing heavier and thinking the outcome is bleak.

Of course, we all eventually find a lull, and are able to swim back to shore, but what I found so profound in her testimony was how incredibly accurate it was, and continues to be.

It doesn’t feel like when I have trials, they happen one at a time. In fact, a violent ocean before a storm would be the best way to describe them. And for the longest time, I dwelled on that. I still do sometimes. But that doesn’t make them go away, just as getting frustrated and flustered when you get knocked down by waves doesn’t make swimming back to shore any easier–in fact, it makes it harder. What I’ve found helps is realizing all the ways I am blessed. And in doing so, I realize that I really don’t have it as difficult as it may seem. That I actually, in many ways, have it pretty dang good!


This past month, I’ve struggled with my health quite a bit, and it’s been difficult not to get hung up on the “fairness” of it all. I’m someone who loves to be active, and while I’m not the poster child for healthy eating, I do take pretty good care of my body–it’s something I was taught to do from a young age, and the importance of being healthy has always been emphasized in my life. As visit after visit to the doctor’s office has seemed to have me leaving sicker, I’ve had to work on focusing on the positive, and refusing to dwell on the negative.

I have an amazing family, and an incredible boyfriend who my entire family loves.

I go to the best university out there, and I have great friends.

Even though I’m not “better” health wise, I have a strong body and a determination that sometimes surprises even me.

I have a roof over my head, a warm bed, good food. I’ve found that sometimes, it’s easy to miss the simple blessings I forget about every day, because I assume everybody has been similarly blessed. Not the case at all.



What are you thankful for? I’ve started keeping little post-it notes around my desk where I write down my little blessings, no matter how silly. Right now? The sticky note I’m looking at has three things scrawled down on it–Pop Tarts, band-aids, and God.

Happy Wednesday 🙂


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