Friday Mornings

We made it! Finally finished finals, and headed to the airport in the morning. Bryce and I wanted to celebrate, so we had a decadent breakfast–the juiciest grapefruit loaded with spoonfuls of sugar, pancakes packed with sweet, crisp blueberries, chocolate milk and of course, roses.

Macy joined in too, although she just sat by us staring us down while we shoveled in bite after bite of steaming pancakes. She loves us, but she loves food way more. We gave her a few blueberries, and so she plodded over to the couch, content for the time being.


I’ve been in love with Kodiak Cakes–they have 10 grams of protein and taste amazing. Just whip up some batter and toss in some blueberries, you’ll be in breakfast heaven, trust me.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend everyone, and let me know if you like those Kodiak Cakes!


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