How We Met


Our freshman year, Bryce invited my roommate and her friends to come bowling with his friends. As fate would have it, I was one of those friends. I still remember what I was wearing–blue jeans and a BYU football tee, vans and curled hair. Bryce doesn’t remember what I was wearing, but he says he “thought I was really attractive.” Lol.

Flash forward a year, and Bryce and I reconnected over a plate of late-night pancakes at IHOP. Unfortunately, I got back together with my ex boyfriend, and Bryce was a little (okay a lot) annoyed. Whoops.

Then this summer, Bryce caught wind that I had broken up with my boyfriend for good, and after checking Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, just to be sure, he proceeded to text me and ask how my summer was going. I replied, and the rest is history!


My freshman year, I took a biology class and sat next to this girl named Kelsey. I was interested in her and asked her out on a couple dates/outings, but she told me that she was busy. However, she later invited me and my friends to go bowling with her and her friends. I was thinking “perfect! sounds like a group date kinda thing.” LOL I was wrong. She showed up with another dude, and from that point on, she was referred to as “bowling ball girl” by my buddies. However, Isabelle was on that “date” and I met her for the first time and after bowling, we sat and talked for a while and exchanged numbers and snapchats. However, not much resulted from this, because she started dating someone else. Her and this guy dated throughout freshman year, so the only contact I had with isabelle was liking her instagram posts for that year.

Fast forward to sophomore year, and as I was diligently swiping away on tinder, I came across Isabelle (and I of course swiped right) and lo and behold, we matched! I asked her what had happed with her and her boyfriend and they said that they had broken up. My opportunity had finally come. After a couple days of texting and persuasion, we went to IHOP together one night after she got done with her shift at the law library. Izzy even remembers exactly what we ordered, I just remembered it tasting good. After the food, I asked her if she wanted me to drop her off or if she wanted to come over to my place and watch a movie or something. She chose movie, so I knew I was in. We got back and “watched” Zootopia together and then later that night dropped her back off at her place. The following day, I see her with her ex on snapchat and I was not a happy man. To save the details, in short, I messaged her boyfriend, thinking that she was cheating on him with me the whole time, when in reality they had really broken up and had just gotten back together the day after Isabelle and I went on our date. Needless to say Isabelle wasn’t thrilled about me messaging him, so she pretty much blocked me out of her life from that point forward.
Fast forward again to the summer before my junior year. I posted a funny picture of myself on snapchat with a mustache and soul patch with the caption “screenshot if I should keep it.” To my surprise, isabelle was one of those people that screenshotted it. Did this mean that she didn’t hate me anymore? There was only one way to find out. I tried to find her on instagram (couldn’t, because she blocked me), and then I tried twitter. I found her and messaged her with something that was along the lines of “so I saw you screenshot my snapchat. Does this mean you don’t hate me anymore? I’m sorry for being dumb.” and then before you know it, we started texted on a regular basis, which turned to hanging out, which turned to dating, which turned to engagement. What a crazy story tho right. Never get tired of telling it.
I may be the only one on the earth who has been blocked by their fiance, but that’s alright with me.